Portable Dog Carriers Keep Your Dog Safe And Your Shoulders Pain-Free

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Sharing your home with small dogs offers many perks due to their pint size. Small dogs eat less, poop less and are completely portable, which saves money and your back! While it’s tempting to hold a small dog in your arms, it’s actually safer for small dogs to travel in portable dog carriers or crates. Additionally, if a small dog is fearful of encountering other dogs or visiting the vet’s office, a dog carrier will make your dog feel much safer.

Benefits of Using a Portable Dog Carrier

In a pinch, holding your dog works well, but it’s not the safest way to contain a small dog. Tiny dogs can jump down or accidentally fall, causing major injuries, such as broken bones. Also, when pet owners hold small dogs in their arms, these tiny dogs are exposed to other dogs, which can cause dog aggression.

A couple of months ago, a large man was holding a 10-lb dog in his arms while standing in the veterinary clinic waiting room. A large dog entered the clinic. The tiny dog freaked out and deeply scratched and bit the pet owner in the face and neck. This could’ve been prevented if the dog were in a pet carrier. Unfortunately, this happens often.

Portable Dog Carriers for Dogs 1-20 lbs

Options for portable dog carriers are endless for dogs under 20 lbs. Carrier style bags are extremely popular due to their convenience. They’re super easy to place and to carry a small dog next to your body. Plus, carrier style bags have zipper openings, adjustable carrying straps, vented fabric and plush lining. There are numerous options, colors and styles for you to choose from based on your individual style and your dog’s comfort needs.

SleepyPod Carriers are super stylish, offer different shapes, can be used as car crates and are one of the few dog carriers that have passed strict car crash safety standard testing.

Portable Dog Carriers for Dogs 21-30 lbs

Over the last few years, backpack style dog carriers have become the latest trend, especially for dogs over 20 lbs. Carrying a heavy carrier style bag with shoulder straps will damage a pet owner’s shoulders quickly. Manufacturers picked up on that and have created dog carrier backpacks that are extremely versatile.

Some backpack carriers feature wheels and handle attachments, similar to suitcases, for pet owners that have to carry their small dogs for a longer distance. My favorite dog carrier backpack for a Miniature Bull Terrier, that weights 28 pounds, is the Snoozer Backpack and Roller dog carrier. It’s not very stylish, but it’s a fanatic product to haul 25- to 30-lb dogs around while keeping your shoulders pain-free.

Dog Carrier Safety Tips

Small dogs should feel like their carrier is a comfortable and safe spot, especially during travel. When dogs are inside their carriers, they should be completely contained, meaning their heads should not poke out of any opening. If a dog’s head can peek out of an unzipped opening, that means your dog can jump out of the carrier. Also, it’s important to:

  • Hold your dog in her carrier close to your body to prevent other dogs from sniffing or someone bumping into the carrier.
  • For backpack or suitcase type carriers, place it against a wall to prevent it from tipping over.
  • If your small dog is fearful, toss a towel over visible areas to create a visual barrier. When dogs are unable to see other dogs or people, they feel much safer.
  • Give your small dog lots of yummy treats or food stuffed toys while she sits in her carrier.

With so many portable dog carrier options available, there’s no reason why small dogs should not ride in safety and comfort!

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