5 Must-Teach Basic Commands that Every Dog Should Know

Basic commands are a cornerstone or properly training your dog. These commands extend beyond just getting your dog to be more well behaved. A thorough grasp of basic commands can help you keep your dog and yourself safe, as well. With these commands, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be able to keep your dog mostly out of harm’s way and keep him from inadvertently harming others. Let’s check them out and learn why they are so important!

Basic Commands Every Dog Should Know

Part of responsible dog ownership is properly training and socializing our pets. A well-socialized dog is a dog who is less likely to get into fights or be fearful. A properly trained do is a dog who is easier to remove from potentially dangerous situations and who is easy to stop from accidentally hurting another dog or person. The following are basic commands that every dog should have a through grasp of.


This is one of the basics that every dog should know. Sit is a cornerstone command that can be used in conjunction with other commands. When you teach your dog sit, you’re not only helping him to be more well behaved, you’re teaching him the beginning step in chain commands like sit and stay which is an important chain for safety.


It’s important to teach both sit and stay to your dog, as these basic commands work best together. When you teach your dog to sit, you’re really just teaching him to put his butt on the ground. When you add in stay, that’s when you get to the money. The sit/stay combo is perfect for keeping your pet out of harm’s way or in helping to calm him down if he’s getting to be a bit much for the room.


Heel is one of the most important basic commands to teach your dog. When walking your dog, you want him to stay by your side unless you specifically allow him more leeway. Teaching heel to your dog is important for safety. It ensures that your dog will stay by your side instead of darting after a squirrel and into a dangerous situation like oncoming traffic or other hazards.

Leave It

Leave it is another of the must-teach basic commands. When a dog knows leave it, you can reliably stop him from getting into things that he shouldn’t such as trash, dead animals, and other hazards. It’s an incredibly useful command for every owner.


This one is just plain fun. Don’t ask me why, but dogs really seem to love running back and forth with a ball in their mouths. One of the most fun ways to spend time with our dogs is with a good game of fetch. Not only do they love the activity, but that extra exercise is good for them. Now, if only we could have that much fun running…

Nail These Basic Commands for More Safety and Fun

These basic commands are important for every owner and their dog to have down pat. With these basic commands, owners can help keep their dogs safe in almost every situation. And hey, fetch is just fun!

Did you already teach your dogs these basic commands? Share your tips below!

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