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6 Natural Ingredients To Soothe & Heal Your Dog’s Dry Nose

March 18, 2018 petsupplies 0

The moist, spongy skin of the canine nose captures scents “tens of thousands of times” more efficiently than our own. It is the tool dogs use to investigate the world around them.

Since pups effectively “see the world through their noses,” the skin is constantly exposed to sun light, extreme temperatures, allergens and various substances that can cause dryness, chapping, and cracking.

Without a moist, healthy nose, your dog cannot efficiently explore the neighborhood or recognize his favorite scent – you! Luckily, there are several safe, natural ingredients you can apply topically to help soothe and heal your pup’s dry nose. (Tip: if you need some help finding these ingredients, this might help)

1. Shea Butter

Humans often use shea butter to soften their own dry skin and it works just as well on crusty dog noses! It is completely pup-safe in small amounts and can also be used to soothe dry paws and elbows.

2. Olive Oil

Almost every kitchen has a bottle of olive oil for cooking, but this household favorite can also be used on dry paws, noses, and ears. You can even add a teaspoon to your dog’s meals to promote healthy skin from the inside out.

3. Castor Oil

Castor oil is comprised of 90% Ricinoleic acid which provides powerful healing properties for dry, irritated skin. Just remember, a little goes a long way! You do not want your dog to lick away excess castor oil as it also acts as a powerful laxative and may cause diarrhea.

4. Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is a highly effective, easily absorbed skin softener and conditioner. It contains a number of important fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to soothe dry, irritated dog snouts.

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the safest, most effective moisturizers found in nature. It not only restores moisture to your dog’s nose, it also helps improve skin elasticity with its many vitamins and minerals. Be sure to choose an organic, cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil that is 100% natural and unprocessed.

6. Cocoa Seed Butter

Cocoa seed butter effectively softens and conditions dry, cracked, chafed and sunburned dog noses and can also be used to moisturize rough paw pads and elbows.

(Many dog parents are hesitant to use anything with the word “cocoa” in the ingredients, and rightly so. Cocoa seed butter is safe to use on your pup because even though it is derived from the seeds of the cacao tree, it does not contain the dangerous ingredients that make chocolate toxic to dogs.)

Better Yet, Use All 6 of The Ingredients Above!

Nature’s Butter Nose Balm

Each one of the oils above has its own unique properties and viscosity. Choosing a nose balm product (such as this) with all 6 of these ingredients ensures that lighter oils will be absorbed quickly for fast relief, and heavier oils will stick around for long lasting relief.

Learn more about relieving your dog’s nose

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional.

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11 Dog Breeds That Make Great Running Partners

March 16, 2018 petsupplies 0

Waking up for an early morning run and spending weekends improving your endurance will be a lot more fun when you have a running partner matching your pace. You can cajole your two-legged friends into being your mental motivation, but dogs have long since been prized partners when it comes to everyday exercise. They’re athletic and enthusiastic, and the right dog will push you toward achieving your goals. They won’t bail on your early morning runs, and you’ll never hear them complain about putting in the extra effort to stay fit.

Not every dog is a rock star racer, but certain breeds are built specifically to run fast and far. Here are a few of the best canine running partners to match your running style.


1. Saluki

As the second fastest dog in the world, the Saluki is the kind of running partner with a need for speed. They can move up to 42 miles per hour, which leaves even the fastest Olympic sprinters in the dust. They’re considered medium-sized dogs best know for the graceful way they move and their skill as a sighthound. If you’re interested in going on short, fast runs, the Saluki can keep up.

2. Whippet

Small and lithe, the Whippet can weigh anywhere between 15 and 42 pounds. What they lack in stature, they make up for in speed. They can go from standing to sprinting in less time than any other dog breed in the world, and they’ve been recorded running up to 40 miles per hour. When they’re not racing around, Whippets are calm, almost lazy dogs. They’re ready to relax after a short, fast run.

3. Greyhound

Topping the charts as the fastest dog in the world, the Greyhound can run up to 45 miles per hour. Their sprinting prowess has historically been taken advantage of in the form of dog racing and has lead to some serious abuse issues. Retired race dogs make great family pets, and Greyhounds in general do well with semi-active owners. Like Whippets, they’re content to lay by your side while you stretch out sore muscles after an intense sprint workout.

Intermediate Runners

4. Labrador Retriever

These lovable goofs will never turn down a chance to be up and active. They’re the quintessential family dog, and they love to channel their energy into structured exercise. Their sturdy bodies can keep up a decent sprint, and with the right training, they can build up the endurance to run a few miles. They’re prone to overeating and putting on extra pounds, and a role as a regular running partner helps them stay fit and trim.

5. Jack Russel Terrier

Small dogs can also be athletes, and the Jack Russel Terrier is a prime example. These little dogs only weigh around 15 pounds, but they’re deceivingly strong. They’re about as high-energy as a dog can be, and their lively personalities are fueled by a general enthusiasm about life. Jack Russel Terriers make good running partners for people who like to run moderate distances on a daily basis.

6. Dalmatian

There’s more to a Dalmatian than striking good looks. These outgoing dogs are happiest when they’re active. They were originally bred to run ahead of horse-drawn carriages to keep the roads clear, and their general athleticism is good for running at fast speeds and for moderate distances.

7. Border Collie

Usually the reigning champs on the agility course, Border Collies are medium-sized dogs with combined athletic excellence and a healthy amount of energy. They’re natural herders and might prefer to have a purpose to their run, but they’re great for people interested in running up to a few miles every day. They motivate their owners to lace up their sneaks because without daily exercise, they’ll find creative (read: mischievous) ways to burn energy.

Endurance Runners

8. Alaskan Malamute

As large, powerful dogs, Alaskan Malamutes are built to pull heavy sleds across miles of frozen landscape. “Hardy” is one of the best words to describe them, and they excel in distance running under the right conditions. They prefer cold weather and can spend extended amounts of time burning off energy. Their ancestors pulled sleds hundreds of miles through the snow, and they’ll be happy to accompany you on your long runs in cool weather.

9. Siberian Husky

Huskies have a similar look to Malamutes, but they’re slightly smaller and a separate breed. While Malamutes are packed with forceful muscle, Huskies are lean and quick. They’re natural runners who seem to go and go and go. It will depend on training and weather, but a fit husky can usually run 15-20 miles without overexerting itself.

10. Weimaraner

Runner’s World lists the Weimaraner among their list of the best canine running partners in part due to the breed’s love of people. They make great family dogs, and they prefer to always be right by their owner. Their natural energy and well-muscled physique also makes them great at endurance running. They like going on long trail runs where they have the extra challenge of leaping over logs, climbing mountains, and getting in touch with their wild side. They’re great for backpackers and runners who prefer hitting the trails over pounding pavement.

11. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Muscular, powerful, graceful—the Rhodesian Ridgeback is capable of running marathons. This dog breed was originally valued because they fought lions in Africa. They’re fierce when they need to be, but they make great family companions. When your lungs are burning and you need someone to motivate you to keep going, your Ridgeback will pull you to the finish line. They thoroughly enjoy running long distances, and they’re the kind of running partner that’ll be ready to go morning, noon, and night.

No matter what breed of running partner you choose, the most important thing to remember is to commit to proper training. You can’t start running marathons after years of sitting on the coach, and these dogs can’t either. Together you and your four-legged running partner can gradually build up your fitness levels. They’ll be with you on the tough days and the easy days to help you go the distance. Before you get started, talk to you vet about the best way to ease your pup into a running routine.

H/T: Runners World, Modern Dog, AKC

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List Of Hybrid Dogs & Their Unusual Mixed Breed Names

March 15, 2018 petsupplies 0

Following is a list of hybrid dog breeds, according to the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) — so you’ll know what to call your mixed breed dogs… instead of just calling them mutts.

Mixed breed dogs are the best! Wondering what to call your hybrid dog that's mixed with 2 or more breeds? Here's a good place to start.

Can you guess what the most common cross breed dog is?

It’s the Poodle.

Maybe that’s because the Poodle is the only dog that comes in 3 sizes — all of which are very popular. So that means there are many more dogs (toy, miniature, and standard sizes) that can be paired with a Poodle. It probably also has something to do with the fact that Poodles have some fantastic features and characteristics — like they’re super smart, their fur is hypoallergenic, and they don’t shed.

The Day I Realized Hybrid Dog Breeds Were Here To Stay

I’ve always had dogs:

  • Before I knew better (when I was in college), I bought purebred dogs and raised them from puppyhood through their senior years.
  • Since college (which is most of my adult life), I’ve rescued mixed breed dogs — or mutts — instead and have always raised them from puppies to old age as well. Currently, I have a Labrador Retriever / Great Pyrenees (which we call a Great Lab), a Shepherd / Beagle (which we call a Sheagle), and a Golden Retriever / Great Pyrenees (a Golden Pyrenees).

These days, a lot of people are purposely choosing hybrid dog breeds or designer dog breeds instead of everyday mutts and rescue dogs.

In case you’re wondering what a hybrid dog is…

When the 2 dog breeds which parented a puppy are known, that puppy is typically called a hybrid dog. Many (but definitely not all) hybrid dogs are small mixed breed dogs, and they are often referred to as designer dogs.

Heck, when I was checking out information about the new Monopoly board game, I noticed that even the Monopoly game tokens had been “modernized” to include hybrid dogs!

The classic Scottish Terrier dog in Monopoly has been replaced by a Labradoodle:

A labradoodle dog - part labrador retriever, part poodle!

So it’s clear that big brands are keenly aware of the popularity of hybrid mixed breed dogs — so much so, that they often include popular hybrid dogs (such as the Labradoodle) in their marketing and production pieces.

The American Canine Hybrid Club recognizes all hybrids produced from purebred ancestry, preferably registered with a recognized registration service. A hybrid dog is a mix between two or more purebred dogs. Source

Below is a Mixed Dog Breeds List that will help you decide what to call your own cross breed dogs — whether you know the breeds of the dog’s parents or not.

A Dog DNA Test makes it easy for you to see exactly which different breeds are in your dog’s genetic makeup. (It’s legit… I originally heard about this on ABC News. I asked my vet and she said the results are generally pretty accurate.)

List Of Hybrid Dog Breeds

According to the American Canine Hybrid Club, these are some of the most popular recognized hybrid breeds and their unique mixed breed dog names:

Each hybrid dog breed name is included under both of the dog breed categories it represents

Alaskan Malamute Mix Dog Breeds

American Eskimo Mixed Dog Breeds


Australian Shepherd Mix Breeds

Basset Hound Mix Dog Names

Beagle Mix Dog Breeds

Bichon Frise Mixed Breed Dogs

Bolognese Dog Breed Namesdogs-coffee-table-book

  • Bolognese + Beagle = Beaglolo
  • Bolognese + Chihuahua = Bolo-chi
  • Bolognese + Cocker Spaniel = Bologco
  • Bolognese + Havanese = Dualanese
  • Bolognese + Miniature Schnauzer = Bolonauzer
  • Bolognese + Pekingese = Peke-a-boo
  • Bolognese + Poodle = Bolonoodle
  • Bolognese + Shih Tzu = Bolo-tzu
  • Bolognese + Silky Terrier = Bolosilk

Boston Terrier Mixed Breed Dogs


Boxer Dog Breed Names

Brussels Griffon Mix Dog Names

Bulldog Mix Breed Dogs

Cairn Terrier Mixed Breed Dogs


Cavalier King Charles Mix Dog Breed Names

Chihuahua Mix Dog Breed Names

Chinese Crested Dog Breed Names

Cocker Spaniel Mix Breeds

Dalmatian Mixed Breed Dogs

Dachshund Mix Dog Breeds

English Toy Spaniel Dog Breed Names

German Shepherd Mixed Breed Dogs

Golden Retriever Mix Breeds

Havanese Mix Dog Breed Names

Jack Russell Mixed Breed Dogs

Japanese Chin Mix Dog Breed Names

Lab Mix Breed Names

Lhasa Apso Mix Dog Breed Names

Maltese Mix Breeds

Min Pin Mixed Breed Dog Names

Miniature Schnauzer Mix Dog Breeds

Papillon Mix Breed Dogs

Pekinese Mixed Breed Dog Names

Pitbull Mix Breed DogsThis is an American Pit Bull Terrier and French Bulldog mixed breed dog that is called an American French Bull Terrier hybrid

  • American Pitbull Terrier + American Bulldog = Bullypit
  • American Pit Bull Terrier + Boston Terrier = American Boston Bull Terrier
  • American Pitbull Terrier + Boxer = Bullboxer Pit
  • American Pit Bull Terrier + Bulldog Old = Anglican Bulldogge
  • American Pitbull Terrier + Cane Corso = American Pit Corso
  • American Pit Bull Terrier + French Bulldog = American French Bull Terrier
  • American Pitbull Terrier + Jack Russell = Terrier Jackit
  • American Pit Bull Terrier + Shar-pei = Shar-pei Pitbull Terrier

Pomeranian Mix Breeds

Poodle Mixed Breed Dogs

Pug Mix Breeds

Rat Terrier Mix BreedsThis is a Rat Terrier Boston Terrier mix breed dog that is called a Brat hybrid dog.

Rottweiler Mix Breed Dog Names

Scottish Terrier Mix Dog Breed NamesThis is a Scottish Terrier and Poodle mix breed dog that is called a Scoodle hybrid dog

Shar-Pei Mixed Breed Dog Names

Shih Tzu Mix Dog Breeds

Silky Terrier Mixed Breed Dogs

This is a Wheaten Terrier Poodle mixed breed dog that is called a Whoodle hybrid dogSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier Mix Breed Names

  • Wheaten Terrier + Bichon Frise = Wee-chon
  • Wheaten Terrier + Boxer = Soft Coated Woxer
  • Wheaten Terrier + Golden Retriever = Soft Coated Golden
  • Wheaten Terrier + Havanese = Hava-wheat
  • Wheaten Terrier + Kerry Blue Terrier = Kerry Wheaten
  • Wheaten Terrier + Miniature Schnauzer = Soft Coated Wheatzer
  • Wheaten Terrier + Poodle = Swheat-n-poo (also called a Whoodle)

Toy Fox Terrier Mix Breed Dog Names

This is a Weimaraner Labrador Retriever mix breed dog that is called a Labmaraner hybrid dog

Weimaraner Mix Breed Dog Names

  • Weimaraner + Boxer = Boweimar
  • Weimaraner + German Shorthaired Pointer = German Shorthaired Weimaraner
  • Weimaraner + Golden Retriever = Goldmaraner
  • Weimaraner + Labrador Retriever = Labmaraner
  • Weimaraner + Poodle = Weimardoodle


Welsh Terrier Mix Dog Breeds

  • Welsh Terrier + Bichon Frise = Wel-chon
  • Welsh Terrier + Dachshund = Welshund Terrier
  • Welsh Terrier + Havanese = Hava-welsh
  • Welsh Terrier + Labrador Retriever = Weltador
  • Welsh Terrier + Miniature Schnauzer = Wowauzer
  • Welsh Terrier + Poodle = Woodle
  • Welsh Terrier + Wire Fox Terrier = Wirelsh Terrier

West Highland Terrier Mixed Breed Dogs

Yorkie Mix Dog Names

 Here’s the complete list from the ACHC — with any new additions.

How Hybrid Dog Breeds Are Named: The first breeder to create a new hybrid cross — and submit that breed to the ACHC — has the opportunity to name it.

More About Hybrid Mixed Breed Dogs

I like to help people find unique ways to do things in order to save time & money — so I write about “outside the box” ideas that most wouldn’t think of. As a lifelong dog owner, I often share my best tips for living with and training dogs. I worked in Higher Ed over 10 years before switching gears to pursue activities that I’m truly passionate about. I’ve worked at a vet, in a photo lab, and at a zoo — to name a few. I enjoy the outdoors via bicycle, motorcycle, Jeep, or RV. You can always find me at the corner of Good News & Fun Times as publisher of The Fun Times Guide (32 fun & helpful websites).