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Potential Problem With Crating a Puppy

Crate training is important – doubtlessly. However there are a series of problems associated with crating a dog and the most potential of them are whining – an undesirable behavior triggered by frustration and separation anxiety. Crate training is quite difficult process as it may...
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Your Mistakes in Dog Bite Incidences

Dogs have always been the most precious friends of humans. A study has shown that world’s top 10 countries having most pet dog population is cumulatively over 172509000 dogs. At the same time another study on dog bite carried out by Centers for Disease Control...
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Behavioral Change & Canine Health Concern

Any change in the behaviors of your dogs give an indication of change in his mental state, which can be the cause of deterioration in his internal health condition that may not be noticed apparently always. For example if Reva doesn’t exhibit enthusiasm while meeting,...
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