One of the largest ranges of dog products destination is selling out the dogs’ product for the very best rate. The dogs’ products are the one of the most selling products that makes much online business to sell out their products through the internet. The best scenarios with these companies are the quality and the prices.

Definitely, these are the two key factors that can discover you tons of online buyers. The most phenomenon success of a business is to boost it up pretty frequently. You can avail more clients and supply should be an ease to reach to the customer. This concept really boosts a business to for a realm.

All the dog clothes and dog accessories are available for you to attend at the very affordable rates that are made up of from the branded companies. For cure your dog is not an easy task you have to find some good products that will really be good for your pet. In order to take care of your dogs it is really good to find some good advice from an expert that can advise you great information.

All of the training is available that can really change the way you have been misguided. The encyclopedia is also the necessary pattern to bring you a great chance to all about your dogs and the pattern you should have to follow to take great care of him. You have to focus on two major things the dogs care and the training pattern you are supplying him to behave and reach with other things. Dogs are also a living being, a tender smile can do a lot of works that sometimes what a medicine can’t cure it.

The illustrated guide will let you know with all the necessary things you have to do to take a dog and familiarize you with the basics of the living factor for pets. The dog clothes play a significant role for you to become a good pet holder.

You have to care for sleeping, eating and all the daily usual things he need to. There are also some other things you can not go missing that to make a regular habit for him to follow. A walk to the roads and going places he should have to be aware with all these that how he has to behave and act.

There is no such things that he can learn on his owns. You are the one who can become master or if you do not have this much time you can borrow a dog trainer that takes a month or little more to train your dogs for each and everything.

There are the chances if the germs from the dog can enter into your home and it might need some good clinical support at every interval of time. The dog clothes also need to change along with his beds, collar and other accessories you bought for him to use.

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The Neapolitan Mastiff almost became extinct after World War II. By the 1980’s greatly due to author Sherilyn Allen VMD introduced the Neapolitan to the United States through her book called “The Official book of the Neapolitan Mastiff.” In 2001 this breed was registered with the AKC.

Due to its protective instincts and fearsome appearance, The Neapolitan Mastiff breed is often used as a guard dog. They are well known as defenders of their family and property. They are wary of strangers and usually stand between them and their owners until it is clear that the owner is welcoming to the stranger. Untitled provoked the Neapolitan generally does not bark.

Neapolitan Mastiffs are recognized mostly by the loose skin which covers their entire body including wrinkles on the head. Their coats come in four colors which are Mahogany, black, gray, and tawny. Sometimes they have white on the chest and on the feet. Male Neapolitans stand between 26-31 inches at the withers and weighs about 150 pounds. Females are a bit small and stand between 24-29 inches and weigh about 110 pounds.

Mastiffs are not a breed for just any owner, especially not brand new dog owners, mostly due to their massive size. It takes an experienced owner to be able to handle Mastiff dogs. Mastiffs should be trained at an early age to be obedient to their master. They have a tendency to be quite stubborn and must be taught who is in charge. If not well trained an owner might find that their Mastiff rules the house and probably has developed some bad behavioral problems which can be difficult to change.

Male Mastiffs are more dominant and aggressive than females. Females are usually rather easy going. All Mastiffs are very loving with their family and gentle with children. Children, however, should be taught to respect the Mastiff. Loving or not, the Neapolitan Mastiff is still a giant dog and due to size can accidently harm a small child.

Some of the more common health problems that Mastiffs may encounter are hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, bloat, and skin infections. A good diet, exercise, and not allowing the Mastiff to become overweight can help prevent these health problems.

Neapolitan Mastiffs are often referred to as “gentle men” and indeed they are!

Source by Sam Daniels

Having the right cleaning aid during a laborious cleaning routine is as good as having your super hero to the rescue. While all the intimidating machines such as the floor polisher or the big vacuums appear to be the most heroic cleaning aids, the right choice in floor cleaners is still the solution especially for tile floor cleaners.

It is a fact that cleaning tiles can be tedious and the machine floor polishers may not just always save the day, especially for home use. After all, moving around big pieces of furniture just to give way to this bulky equipment can do more harm than good to your sensitive tiles. Good tile floor cleaners should save the day.

Everybody understands that most dedicated homemakers care about having spotless tiles. For wood tiles, commercially available GLO and MOP water-based cleaners are reported to be effective. For most ceramic tiles, the most famous home remedies are: water and ammonia or vinegar and water solution. There are other options available but a wise homemaker knows that before finding the right solution, she should first be able to identify the kind of tile which needs the cleaning. After all, a certain cleaner works on a certain style. Compatibility certainly matters in the game of floor cleaning. Well, if manual labor does not do the trick, especially when we talk about a grout cleaner, you can never be wrong with using the right equipment then. After all, a tiny speck should be scared with the big guys (bulkier equipment)!

There are "cleaning pairs" available for your use. There is the tile wall cleaning brush; or the tile and grout cleaning brushes; the portable grout cleaning tools; or the vapor cleaning machines; or the high-pressure tile and grout cleaner; or the portable multi-surface scrubber; or the tile and grout spinner cleaning tool; or the compact cylindrical brush scrubbers, amongst many others. These "big guys" can usually be paired to the "smooth operators" namely the EnziBrite Tile and Floor Cleaner, the Tile and Grout Restorer or the Impregnating Water-based Sealer.

With all these aids, cleaning will not be a burden anymore.

Source by Jack Devenille

By Sean O’Shea

Therapy. It’s a messy, uncomfortable, and often painful process. We all know going in that there’s a good chance of tears, overwhelm, panic, uncertainty.

A therapists gig is to help you dig down into the muck of your experiences, trauma, and pain, examine it all, process it all, feel it all, and then, by giving you new tools and support, hopefully help you move on in the most healthy fashion possible.

Lots of folks avoid therapy because it’s hard and often painful. It’s much easier to distract ourselves with all manner of “stuff”, and hope it will all be okay.

But if you’re willing to dive in, be vulnerable, and do the work, amazing things can happen. But there’s no escaping the hard work, the discomfort, pain, and the challenge of the process.

Do we always look happy in therapy? Are we always smiling and laughing? Is it the most fun point of your day? Probably not. Is it the most beneficial part of your day…probably.

People in therapy are often found crying, trembling, overwhelmed and freaked out as they attempt to navigate their interior world.
Breaking old patterns, finding new insights and awareness…all good stuff…good stuff that doesn’t always look so good.

I see rehab with dogs in much the same way I do therapy for humans. Are their differences? Of course. We can’t have the same verbal conversations and we can’t communicate emotions and best approaches for forward movement in the same way. But, are we working through trauma, anxiety, toxic patterns and beliefs? Absolutely.

So knowing all that, why on earth would we expect a dog, who’s going through major transformational stuff, to always look happy? Why would we expect these complex creatures to just happily, easily, and seamlessly adjust to their entire worlds changing? Shouldn’t we expect some emotional fallout? Shouldn’t we see some therapy-like discomfort and overwhelm as they attempt to navigate unchartered mental and behavioral waters?

This is what always perplexes me. Folks want dogs to be trained and rehabbed and transformed…but they don’t want the dog to have to experience any discomfort or uncertainty as they do so. They want the dogs to magically transform and skip all that nasty, not fun stuff. People freak out if they see a dog shaking as it lays in place or looking unsure or afraid. Even though all that’s been done is that the dog’s pattern’s been blocked, or it’s in a new environment, or it’s simply not being allowed to act out as usual.

The patterns being broken create temporary stress and anxiety. The dog, finding itself in unfamiliar territory is freaked out…just like the person on the couch in the therapists office. But even though we get it for us, we struggle seeing it with dogs.

Of course the goal of therapy, or training, isn’t to keep the human or dog in a state of discomfort and anxiety or stress. It’s meant to be a gateway to the opposite – more comfort, less anxiety, less stress. But that takes time and growth. And neither species gets a free pass or a shortcut.
And while it might be hard to watch dogs in an uncomfortable state, if we can see them in a deeper fashion (emotionally, pattern wise, trauma bearing etc.), and understand that they too have to go through difficult stuff to come out on the other side, we might just be able to see things a little differently.

We see this arc of shock, confusion, adapting, processing, and growth constantly. It’s not always pretty, and it’s not always “done” by the time the dog goes home. Many dogs need months of continuous work to finally reach their comfy, happy, easy space. This is why some folks remark that dogs in our program don’t always look “happy”. I’m okay with that, I don’t love it, just like I’m sure the therapist doesn’t love seeing people in pain, but I do appreciate it, because I know it’s leading the dog somewhere.
Somewhere far better than where they were when they showed up.

So the next time you see a picture or video of a dog being trained, and if the dog doesn’t look ecstatic and bouncy, take a moment, learn what the dog came in with, what’s being worked on, and maybe you’ll be able to see that he’s going through a process, a transformation. One that’s unfinished.

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First Look: Carlson Portable Dog Cot Review. We really liked this elevated portable dog cot...

First Look: Carlson Portable Dog Cot Review

This post is sponsored by Carlson™ Pet Products. I am being compensated to help share the Carlson Portable Dog Cot, but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers.  Carlson™ Pet Products is not responsible for the content of this article.

It’s been several years since I raised my last puppy with Guide Dogs of America, but I still attend monthly meetings and help out at puppy kindergarten and obedience classes.

A few months ago I was working with our area leader teaching the dogs “place” using a Carlson Elevated Portable Dog Cot.

The Carlson Portable Dog Cot was the perfect tool to teach “place”. Not only that, but I could think of hundreds (not literally…maybe a dozen) of other uses for an elevated portable dog cot.

Guess what? I recently got my hands on a large red Carlson Portable Dog Cot for review.

Carlson Portable Dog Cot Specifications

Our review of the Carlson Portable Dog Cot.

Portable Dog Cot – Collapsed. It gets very compact.

The specs!

First and foremost I like to look at the details of any new doggy product I bring home:

From the Carlson Pet Products website:

Carlson Large Portable Pup Bed

  • Color: Red
  • Dimensions: 48” L x 26” W x 9” H
  • Ideal for medium to large breeds
  • Sets up and folds down in seconds for storage/travel
  • Easy carry case included
  • Durable, waterproof nylon is easily washable
  • Sturdy, all-metal frame
  • Model: #8035

**These are the exact specs for the Pup Bed I have at home. You can get different colors or sizes. Here’s a look at the adjustable options:

  • Colors Available: Red, Green, Tan, and Gray
  • Sizes: Small (26″ L x 26″ W x 9″ H) or Large (48” L x 26” W x 9” H)

What’s Included in The Box

  • One Carlson Large Portable Pup Bed
  • One Carry Bag
  • Instruction Manual

I’m not going to bore you with all the details and descriptions so lets hop on over to our review of this portable dog cot.

First Look: Carlson Portable Dog Cot Review

Carlson Portable Dog Bed Poolside. Raven reviews this portable doggy bed.

Carlson Portable Dog Bed – Raven often times likes to use only half her new bed and let her paws dangle

I was excited to get our hands on our very own Carlson Portable Dog Cot. As you can see Raven enjoys relaxing poolside on her new dog cot.

The Dog’s Initial Reaction

It arrived just in time to let our newest puppy, Charlie test drive it before he left for Seattle. Here are the first reactions from our 4 dogs:

Linus: Hopped up, layed down, jumped off.

Stetson: Same as Linus.

Raven: She got on the cot and curled up and only used half of the bed. Raven is a 70 pound Golden Retriever and she decided to only use half of the bed!

Charlie: Our 14 week old puppy. He was hesitant to get on at first, but that quickly changed when I added a few treats to the mix. He was up and on the portable dog cot like it was his new favorite toy. Portable Dog Cot = Treat Machine 🙂

Initial reaction from the dogs: THUMBS UP!

A Human’s Initial Reaction

My first thoughts after opening our new doggy bed:

Everything arrived on time and I like the packaging Carlson uses for both the Portable Dog Cot and the Portable Pet Pen.

Very, very easy to setup. Pull out of box. Remove cover. Fold down. Setup in seconds!

Canvas feels very sturdy and frame is made of steel. From Carlson: Designed to handle up to 95 lbs.

Lightweight and even before removing it from the box I could tell it would be very easy to transport for visits to the park, beach, and adventures camping.

Honestly, this bed looked very comfortable so much so I wanted to try taking a nap on it. Yeah, my legs would hang off the end, but maybe if I had two running length wise I could have my own portable cot! Oh, and I exceed the 95 lb weight limit 🙁

Initial reaction from the human: THUMBS UP!

Why I Love the Carlson Portable Dog Cot

Obviously the awesome portability is at the top of our list of things I love about the new dog cot. I also love:

  • Portability!
  • Ease of use.
  • While I’ve only had it for a couple weeks it feels very durable.
  • It’s extremely lightweight.
  • Easy to clean – I’m considering moving my dogs to these elevated beds because they are so much easier to clean compared to their regular dog beds.
  • Perfect size for our dogs. I have a 55 lb Aussie Mix, a 70 lb Golden Retriever, and a 80 lb Labrador Retriever.

We are not regular adventure dogs. Most of our outings are for the benefit of socializing one of our service dogs.

These outings do not require a portable dog cot, but as I said I could think of many ways we could use our dog cot with our pups:

  1. Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Backpacking – The last time we went backpacking was at the Narrows in Utah a couple years ago and Linus hasn’t camped with us in…I can’t remember. While we’re not regular outdoorsmen we do make the occasional excursion with our dogs.
  2. Dog Beach – The service dog organizations don’t allow our pups to go to dog parks including dog beach. Once again we are not regulars, but we do partake in outings to dog beach from time to time.
  3. Parks – We do have a regular outing to the park with our guide dog group and this would be a perfect time to use our portable dog cot.
  4. Pickleball Tournaments – My parents purchased a motorhome to travel to pickleball tournaments. Yep, this would be a good time to bring your dog cot.
  5. Home Indoors and Outdoors – I currently have mine setup in my office. I also bring it outside when I’m doing yard work. It’s portability makes it easy to move from one place to another.
  6. Training – As I mentioned in the introduction the portable dog cot is a great tool for teaching cues like “place” or “go to your bed”.
  7. Other Outings – I’m not involved in events like Agility, Nosework, Rally, etc., but I imagine there would be a use for a Carlson Portable Dog Cot between runs.

What else? Can you think of anything to add to this list?

How would you use a Carlson Portable Dog Cot?

I Wish My Carlson Portable Dog Cot Had…

After using our Carlson Portable Dog Cot for over 2 weeks here a couple things I’d add to the product:

  1. I wish the canvas was removable for replacement – It’s the first thing I envision will wear out. I haven’t seen my dogs do it yet, but I often see them digging into their beds before they settle in.
  2. I wish the feet had a no-slip pad – I have a bunch of spare no-slip stickers I had for my furniture that I added to my dog cot, but I wish they came standard with this product.

What Others Have Said About the Carlson Portable Dog Cot

Carlson Portable Dog Bed Review

Carlson Portable Dog Bed Review

One thing I always do before purchasing a new product is check out the user reviews on

There are a lots of great things said about the dog cot including:

  1. Great for the money.
  2. Loving the portability.
  3. Ease of use.
  4. How easy it is to clean.

There were two main groupings of negative reviews.

  1. The “large” dog cot needed to be larger.
    • My thoughts: The dimension are clearly listed: 48” L x 26” W x 9” H. This size is fine for my dogs between 55 lbs and 80 lbs.
  2. The rivets were breaking.
    • My thoughts: This is something I’ll have to report back on in a future update. The good news: several Amazon users found DIY fixes for this issue.

Over the next few months the one thing I’m going to keep an eye on is the durability of our dog cot especially the rivets.

I’ll report back with any updates.

A Final Word On Carlson Pet Products And The Portable Dog Cot

We’ve had and used the Carlson Portable Pet Pen now for a year and a half and love the product!

It’s been durable and has lasted through two litters of puppies. That’s 14 puppies in total!

We’ve come to trust the Carlson brand and even though this is a sponsored review we think highly of the products we’ve tested and reviewed.

After two weeks of use we’ve seen the same high quality int the Carlson Portable Dog Cot and while we wouldn’t mind seeing a few minor additions it’s definitely a product we’d recommend for the outdoor adventure dogs or even if your just looking for an elevated dog bed to use at home.

What about you guys?

Have you ever used an elevated portable dog cot?

Tell us about your experiences in the comment section below.

Carlson Portable Dog Cot Review. Our first look at the portable dog bed. Great for camping, hiking, backpacking...and other outdoor activities.

Carlson Portable Dog Cot Review

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Choosing a pet is for some a simple thing, while for others a more than a serious endeavor. Usually, the pick of the pet can be based on location, family situation, intent, are there children, or various other factors. Where it gets complicated, or intense, is when one has to take into consideration potential health issues. And one of the more relevant issues is the propensity for hip problems. Certain breeds are more likely to develop joint issues.

Probably the most simple question when looking at a new puppy is to ask ” Did the parents, or any other pups in any of their litters ever show signs of joint issues?”. And before I start, I would recommend talking to a vet about exercises to maintain mobility, activities to be avoided, and the need or recommendation of adding supplements to a dog’s diet.

Here is a list of 9 breeds that have been shown to have a predisposition to joint problems.

1. German Shepherds: It’s well known that Shepherds are predisposed to hip dysplasia and other joint issues.

2. Labrador Retrievers: With a propensity towards obesity, amplify stress on joints.

3. Dachshunds: With their long, low bodies, they can develop back problems, especially if they become overweight.

4. Rottweilers: Have a genetic propensity to develop hip and elbow dysplasia and even arthritis.

5. Newfoundland Retrievers: Like other big breed dogs, they can hip dysplasia /arthritis partially due to rapid growth rate.

6. Great Danes: Huge frames and rapid growth tends to lead to hip/elbow dysplasia and even arthritis.

7. Saint Bernards: Huge, fast growth can cause stress on the joints leading to hip issues.

8. Old English Sheep Dogs: Suffer the same fate as other large breeds.

9. Mastiffs: Also prone to hip/elbow dysplasia, as well as candidates for arthritis.

Don’t think I’m down on any of these breeds. I had a Black Lab for quite a while. He was my best hunting partner. He loved to be out goose hunting. He was always active. He never got overweight. He never had any of these issues. I think knowledge is the greatest tool in preventing or treating conditions as best we can.

Veterinarians sometimes recommend supplements with glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin when a dog is a young as one year, or at the time when they quit growing. This is something you, as the owner, and your veterinarian needs to talk out. After all, your dog deserves to live the best life possible. And my final advice is “Choose wisely, and enjoy your best buddy”.

Source by Liudas Justin



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I admit it …. I love Akitas. Beautiful, strong, and loyal, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better, more loyal breed of dog. Sure, some may be as good, but none better. And once you look into the eyes of a new Akita puppy, you'll be ready to take home the whole litter. Not so fast !! Though I love them dearly, Akitas are not for everyone. That cute little puppy will grow up to be 100 plus pounds of solid, powerful dog, and if you are not prepared, it could spell disaster for both of you.

3 Things You Must Know Before Getting an Akita

  1. Akitas are very, very protective of their families. That includes you, your spouse, and your children. While this sounds like a good thing, and it is, it also means your Akita may be overly aggressive towards strangers. This is the most important and most difficult trait to address, though it's not impossible to overcome at all. All it takes is the right knowledge, proper training, and a little time.
  2. Akitas are highly intelligent. They may even be more intelligent than their owners, lol. They certainly believe they are at times, and they may try to prove it by teaching you their way of doing things instead of learning your way of doing things. High intelligence is not a bad thing …. in fact, it's a good thing. It's important to keep this characteristic in mind though. If you're not up to the challenge, an Akita may not be for you. Just keep things interesting, and you'll do fine.
  3. Last, but no less important, Akitas have a tendency to not get along with other animals, especially smaller animals such as cats and small dogs. They are very dominant and territorial, and this could cause problems if other animals are in the household. This can be welcome somewhat by properly socializing your Akita at a young age, but during times when you are not around to break up any conflicts that happen, it's best to keep the animals separated. Larger dogs can usually take care of themselves if necessary, but smaller dogs and cats will be no match for the more powerful Akita.

These are just some things to keep in mind before you get an Akita, or if you are already a new owner. I love Akita dogs, but they can be a challenge breed to own, and they are not for everyone. It's better to learn this before you take one home, not after. However, if you're up to it, and you're willing to make the commitment to properly raise your Akita, you will not regret your decision. I know I have not.

Source by Cecil Carraway

Best Dog Food for Rottweilers

Which is the best food for my Rottweiler? Am I offering a balanced diet to my dog? Am I taking proper care of my pup’s health? These are just a few of the questions Rottweiler owners ask themselves. And, in order to answer them, we’ve gathered the finest pet food products for this breed, along with some useful information about these fascinating animals. Ready, set, let’s go!

Best dog food for Rottweiler

EUKANUBA Breed Specific Adult Dry Dog Food – Rottweiler

If you have an adult Rottweiler, Eukanuba’s Breed Specific Adult Dry Dog Food has a special formula for your dog. The product provides the nutrition that caters to your pup’s particular dietary needs. It contains top-quality animal proteins which enhance and maintain the Rottweiler’s lean and strong muscles, in order to achieve an ideal body condition. Besides that, the guaranteed beta-carotene and vitamin E levels strengthen the dog’s immune system and keep it healthy. Alternatively, the calcium works its magic towards strong bones, while the L-carnitine proprietary levels help burn fat naturally, leading to great performance. Another cool thing about this pet food is its 3D DENTADEFENSE System that reduces tartar build-up in less than a month (28 days). Eukanuba Breed Specific Adult Dry Dog Food for Rottweilers spoils your friend with its delicious, real chicken taste and gives you peace of mind that each and every bite provides the ideal nutrition for an active, joyful life. This food keeps your pup in his prime and helps owners offer the very best for their loyal companions.

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Rottweiler Adult

Another recipe designed specifically for Rottweiler adults, the Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition features a special kibble with a texture, shape, and size flawlessly adapted to your dog. We know that these pups tend to get a bit greedy about their food, thus Royal Canin’s product encourages chewing and helps to limit the rate of food intake. Basically, your pet will enjoy a high-energy meal that covers all his needs without overstuffing his stomach. The Rottweiler’s athletic, robust body with strong muscles requires a top-notch diet; this formula has minimum 24% of high-quality protein content which helps maintain an ideal muscle mass. Knowing that this breed can develop cardiac sensitivity, the brand added specific nutrients (DHA, taurine, and EPA) to this recipe that support a healthy, optimal cardiac function. The ingredients also help strengthen the dog’s bones and joints while making it easy for the pup to stay at a perfect weight.

Eagle Pack Natural Dry Dog Food – Large Breed & Large Breed Puppy

Eagle Pack’s Natural Dry Dog Food has a formulation for adults (Large Breed) and one for puppies (Large Breed Puppy). Both products are available in 15-pound and 30-pound bags and are made in the USA.

The adult food is perfect for Rottweilers (or any large breed dogs) weighing over 50 pounds. It features the proper ratio of proteins, fats, and carbs, blended with great antioxidants, glucosamine hydrochloride, and fatty acids (omega) in order to cater to the dog’s daily nutritional requirements. In this product, the kibble is large and the premium ingredients, such as chicken and pork have a delicious taste that your pet will enjoy.

The puppy food provides a balanced and complete daily nutrition for your beloved Rottie. The kibble is also large and the premium ingredients (real chicken, fish, and lamb) are enriched with DHA that helps support a healthy, happy growth. The same wonderful nutrient blend (proteins, fats, carbs) is working together with fatty acids (omega), antioxidants, and DHA for a flawless overall health.

There are no meat by-products, corn, wheat, artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors added in any of the products.

​Purina Pro Plan Focus Large Breed Formula Dry Dog Food

Purina’s Pro Plan Focus Large Breed Formula Dry Dog Food also ranks high among Rottweilers. The very first ingredient on the list is the real chicken which offers high-quality protein that is a key building block within your pet’s large, strong body. The product attends to the breed’s particular needs in terms of nutrition by featuring all the things your pup needs on a daily basis. You don’t have to worry about nutrient support; this formula is easy to digest and promotes bioavailability, which keeps everything optimal. Concerned about your dog’s weight management? Relax! Every serving of this food has 26% protein as well as 12% fat that together help the pet stay at his ideal weight. Digestive health is flawlessly promoted thanks to the prebiotic fiber (natural) that is sourced from top-quality wheat bran. The omega-6 fatty acids take good care of your friend’s skin and coat, while the EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid: an omega-3 fatty acid) & glucosamine strengthen joints and ensure a great mobility.

No ingredient is randomly chosen; all of them are premium and carefully picked, playing an important functional or nutritional role. This way, your Rottweiler gets everything he needs. This delicious formula is perfect for adult pets that weigh 50 pounds and over and who need tailored, balanced, and complete nutrition for their large size. Here are the essential nutrients your dog will enjoy: minimum 26% of crude protein, minimum 12% of crude fat, up to 4.5% of crude fiber, up to 12% of moisture, minimum 1.8% of linoleic acid, minimum 1% of calcium, minimum 0.8% of phosphorus, minimum 0.30mg/kg of selenium, minimum 15,000 IU/kg of vitamin A, and minimum 460 IU/kg of vitamin E. Plus, the product is packed with minimum 70mg/kg of ascorbic acid, minimum 0.1% of docosahexaenoic acid, minimum 0.14% of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), minimum 500 ppm of glucosamine, minimum 0.45% of omega 3 fatty acids, and minimum 2% of omega 6 fatty acids.

Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food – Large & Giant Breed Adult, Large & Giant Breed Puppy

The Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food has separate recipes for adults (Large & Giant Breed Adult) and puppies (Large & Giant Breed Puppy). Both options are available in 15-pound and 30-pound bags. Just a recommendation: if your Rottweiler has had this food or brand before and liked it, go directly for the larger bag (30-pound), as it’s cheaper in the long run. If not, don’t risk it: start with a small bag and if the dog likes it, buy the bigger one.

The adult formula is perfect for 50+ pounds Rottweilers and features a special support system that promotes a healthy digestion. The unique system is mainly focused on digestive enzymes, botanicals, prebiotics, probiotics, and natural fibers. This yummy recipe helps your pup have a balanced, complete diet every single day. The kibble is large, made out of high-quality ingredients such as real chicken. The protein mix strengthens and maintains the muscles while other premium ingredients (like glucosamine) work to support and enhance joint health.

Besides all the benefits found in the adult formula, the puppy product contains high-quality ingredients such as real lamb as well as DHA for a healthy growth. DHA also helps with the pup’s eye and brain development.

There are no artificial fillers, meat by-products, wheat-gluten, wheat, artificial flavors, or artificial colors added to any of the formulas.

BLUE Freedom Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Packed with real, delicious, deboned, and protein-rich meat, the Blue Freedm Grain-Free Dry Dog Food has several recipes to choose from: Large Breed Adult Beef Recipe, Large Breed Chicken Recipe, and Large Breed Lamb Recipe. This is a grain-free formula, thus perfect for Rottweilers with food allergies or sensitive stomach. Moreover, as this breed requires more protein and fewer grains in their nutrition, this product can be suitable for every dog. This food contains the brand’s famous LifeSource Bits, which is a precise combination of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Ingredients such as chondroitin and glucosamine are great for supporting joint health and overall mobility in large breed dogs. There’s no chicken by-product meal, poultry by-product meal, soy, corn, or wheat added to these formulas.

Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Dry Dog Food – Puppy, Adult, 6+

Here’s another winner and it has different formulas for adult large breed dogs, 6+ years old large breed dogs, and large breed puppies.

The recipe for adult dogs is suitable for 1 to 5 years old and 55 to 110 pounds heavy Rottweilers. However, you shouldn’t feed it to pregnant and nursing pets. When we’re talking about large breeds’ nutrition, their needs are different compared to their smaller counterparts. That’s why this product has just the right amounts of daily nutrients for your big fellow. The first ingredient is the protein (real chicken or lamb) which supports strong, lean muscles and an optimum weight. The chondroitin and glucosamine work as building blocks for strong joints and cartilage while the combination of vitamin C and vitamin E keeps the immune system healthy. The fatty acids (omega-6) blended with the vitamins and several other nutrients improve your dog’s skin and coat in as little as one month. For those worrying about their pet’s weight, you can choose the light version of this product that has 18% fewer calories.

The 6+ large breed recipe has all the benefits of the regular adult large breed one, yet the ingredients and nutrients are optimized for older Rottweilers’ needs. The puppy large breed formula is great for controlling your Rottie’s bone growth thanks to the ideal calcium levels.

There are no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors in any of these products.

Rottweiler diet essentials

Rottweilers are big fellows with strong bodies; therefore, they need to be fed a whole lot of protein. Adults require somewhere about 2,100 calories per day and between 22 and 26% of their diet to be covered by high-quality protein. Whether it’s chicken, lamb, turkey, or fish, make sure that the protein in your dog’s food is top-notch. Besides protein, these pets need a daily intake of fats, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and, of course, water.

Regarding ingredients to avoid stay away from food that’s high in sodium, or chemical preservatives like BHA, ethoxyquin, and BHT. Like in any other breeds, sweets and caffeine are completely off the table. Oh, another advice is to not over-feed your dog. An obese Rottweiler will be more prone to develop joint issues like elbow or hip dysplasia.

Rottweiler personality – tips and tricks

Rottweilers are intelligent, calm, loyal, confident, brave, and almost never shy. They’re self-assured and don’t get friendly with strangers right away. In fact, they have a ‘wait and see’ attitude to new people and situations. However, they’re extremely loving toward their owners and they always want to protect them.

You will notice some gender differences. Males are more silent, but great guards, consistently assessing the environment for possible threats. Females are somewhat easier to control and may be more affectionate. Both genders are easy to train, but sometimes they can be a little stubborn.

Rottweilers require firmness and consistency, but not a harsh discipline. And, in this pet-owner relationship, you have to clearly position yourself as the leader. Gaining your Rottweiler’s respect involves setting certain limits and teaching him the consequences for inappropriate behavior.

Just like any other dogs, Rotties need to start socializing as early as possible; this means exposure to different people, places, sounds, and experiences. Some excellent first steps are regularly inviting friends and family to your place, taking the pup for walks to crowded parks, taking him to stores where dogs are allowed, and helping him interact with your neighbors.

Taking care of your Rottweiler

· Rottweilers should be brushed twice or three times a week. Brushing stimulates the growth of new, healthy hair and removes the damaged, old one that’s ready to fall.

· These dogs should only be completely bathed when it’s absolutely necessary.

· They shed seasonally and never excessively.

· They need to exercise outdoors, for about one hour a day. Running in open spaces (forests, wide fields) will make them very happy. Swimming and running alongside a bicycle are other great exercising activities for this breed.

· It is important for Rottweilers to spend as much time as possible with their owners. If they’re alone most of the day, they can become bored, destructive, and aggressive.

Last but not least, I bet we can all agree that being Rottweiler owners is extremely rewarding. They add joy and meaning to our lives and we enjoy their faithful, friendly companionship. Therefore, choosing the best food for this breed is one of the things we can do for our precious dogs.

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Well, Hello!  : )

I have the lucky privilege of calling some of the most brilliantly talented pet photographers in this industry dear friends. And these wonderful friends / rockstar pet photographers, decided to start a monthly blog ring in which we could challenge ourselves and showcase some of our most recent work.

So, here’s the part where you’ve reached my section of the blog ring! WAHHH! How exciting! (or maybe you’ve started here, in which case, my former statement is invalid – but my previous exclamation of ‘WAHHH!’ still rings true.)

Things over here in Dog Breath land have been so off the charts crazypants busy with shooting and traveling, that I hadn’t had the opportunity to participate in the blog ring as of yet — but finally, this month, I’ve managed to find some time to work on my entry – and I’m super excited to share with you! Our theme this month is ‘water’, and I about jumped out of my skin with happiness when I heard that one — because I have the absolute perfect project that I’ve been working on. GAHH! : )

To start, let me tell you a little bit about my water shots.

I’ve had very special plans that have been in the making for quite some time now.

All those years ago, when I started my adventure into photography, I made a promise to the creative fire inside of me – and that promise was that I was never, ever going to settle – no matter what. It’s important to me to constantly innovate and change. To keep my head and my heart pointed firmly towards the stars – to keep working and pushing my boundaries – to constantly find my way to the precipice, that scary spot that rests quite frighteningly outside of my comfort zone.

Last year, while working abroad – teaching the Zoomies Pet Photography workshop in Australia – I had the life changing opportunity to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef in northern Queensland. From the moment I stuck my head underneath that crystal blue water – I felt something inside me shift. There was MAGIC under that water. A whole world that I had never seen before. Colors and light dancing all around me. Corals and fish and tiny little lifeforms in splashes of brilliant neon swaying in the soft current. I was so overwhelmed with that fairytale landscape that I held my hands out before me to make sure that it was all real, and I felt a tear form in the corner of my eye. At that moment, I realized that a whole world of magic and inspiration had always been beneath me – sharing this beautiful earth — and I had never known of it before. It was in that moment that I fell in love with water – and with the endless landscapes beneath the surface that sit so quietly waiting to be discovered.

It was that moment, and the days followed that I began to dream up ideas of mixing two of some of the most beautiful things that this earth has to offer – dogs and natural bodies of water. I researched and researched and researched underwater photography and underwater landscapes for endless hours. Finally, at the very beginning of this year – standing in that really scary spot that’s located boldly outside of my comfort zone – I had a custom underwater rig made for Dog Breath Photography.

Just a few weeks ago, I made a great big journey out to Lake Tahoe in Nevada to give it all my very first go. (Can you think of anywhere more magical to discover a freshwater, beneath-the-surface landscape? I couldn’t! Thats why I bought a plane ticket there and spent 5.5 hours sitting in a window seat and really having to pee but not being able to get up the guts to wake my sleeping neighbor.) : P

When we first arrived to our location in gorgeous Incline Village, Nevada, I was breathless.  I climbed down from the path and up to the rocks that kissed the water’s edge and I squealed with delight over all that beauty. It was like nothing Id ever seen before. We had 4 1/2 straight hours of shooting scheduled in and I was over the moon with excitement. Laying my eyes upon the scene, I felt like a little kid on Christmas just before the biggest gift. : )  I snapped this shot before we started, in an attempt to remember that moment forever…


When we started our day, it was a bit overcast – with dramatic clouds swirling and dancing across the sky. Miss Morgan the Bernese Mountain dog was up first and she swam happily through that crystal clear water in search of her favorite ball.


As the day went on, the clouds started to move and change, letting little glints of sunbeams in here and there, as the sun passed behind the holes between the clouds. The color of the water reminded me of a turquoise stone – glittering, and sparkling underneath all that sunshine. As the afternoon went on – the water started to pick up a bit – small waves forming and crashing here and there against the shiny rocks. I took another snap as I reveled at the color of that crystal water.


The moving water lent itself quite well to this image of gorgeous Maverick sitting happily atop this rock. I loved watching the rhythm and sway of the lake from this newfound perspective. Maverick was such a fabulously behaved little wiggler! He wanted nothing more than to fling his body off of that rock and splash down into the water. Cause, you know…Labs… 🙂 Luckily for me, as a trained service and crisis response dog – he was meticulously well-behaved and sat patiently like a rockstar while he waited for me to click the perfect shot!


And while the day did present its own set of challenges (very, VERY cold water, moving waves tossing us about here and there, and eventually, one of the major batteries that powered our rig falling off my assistant’s shoulder and splashing into the lake) .. I am so SO thrilled with the energy and aesthetic of the resulting images, and I absolutely can’t WAIT to do it again! 🙂 (minus the battery part — $400 and a whole boatload of inconvenience later, that was a little devastating. No pity though! We happily survived!)


Above, is a sneak peek at what it looked like behind-the-scenes, while I was working with gorgeous Morgan. Holy banana sandwiches thank goodness for my ultra thick wet suit!! I’m pretty sure it saved me from Lake Tahoe induced hypothermia. 😛 (forgive the poor quality of the above shot – its a still that was grabbed from a GoPro video that I was lucky enough to have shot as behind the scenes footage of the whole adventure! Many thanks to my best bud Megan for filming this for me! Oh and for being by my side while freezing your cute little bum off!)

I hope you loved hanging out with me here in Dog Breath land! (Come back now, y’hear?!) <– is that super cheesy?? 🙂

Now it’s time to click on over to discover what kind of water-themed magic the incredibly talented Holly Montgomery of Brindleberry Pet Photography has in store for us! Enjoy your trip around the ring!

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