7 Things Only Australian Shepherd Owners Understand

Fitting of their personality, Australian shepherds are not actually Australian. (They defy expectations in all sorts of ways!) This handsome breed originated in the western United States in the 1840s, around the time of the Gold Rush. They were bred to herd livestock, and are known for being loyal to family, highly intelligent, and a touch bossy.

These energetic, long-haired, sassy dogs range from forty to sixty-five pounds, and come in a variety of striking colors—black, blue merle, red, and red merle—with tan and white markings. They’re stunning to behold, but they require smart training and lots of attention.

For Aussie owners, the love runs deep, and they’ll be the first to tell you:

1. Aussies Have Big Brains

Australian shepherds would kill on the Canine SATs. They’re equipped with keen minds and sharp observation skills, and they’re studious pets—always looking for patterns and reading expectations. With proper training, they can become highly skilled work or performance dogs.

2. They’ll Be Your New Project Director

With their Good Will Hunting mental capacity, Australian shepherds love something they can put their brilliant minds to.

If you have a herd of sheep, chickens, or cattle, then you’re all set! Otherwise, keep an eye out for challenges and activities that will keep your dog on her toes.

3. They Have So Many Opinions

In case you need a translation: Australian shepherds are the best canine conversationalists out there.

4. If You Like Extra Carpet…Get an Aussie

If you can find a way to transform Australian shepherd fur into a viable, desirable product, you’ll be a gazillionaire in about a week. But, hey, beauty comes with a price tag! And you won’t be lying when you tell your friends that an Australian shepherd is a gift that keeps on giving.

5. Somebody’s a Wee Bit Sensitive

Aussies have big, big feelings. They love attention, interaction, and activity. When they’re feeling unsatisfied, they’ll let you know with a good talking-to or a very moving pout.

6. Couch Potatoes Need Not Apply

A walk around the block is an insult to an Australian shepherd. These dogs need ample room to run, sprint, chase, and sniff. If you’re up for the challenge, they can evolve into impressive athletes.

7. They’ll Be Watching You…

Like the eyes of a White Walker, Australian shepherds can pierce your soul with their disarming gaze.

Their sometimes marbled eye coloring makes their stare even more arresting. The Aussie’s observant nature means they’re often keeping track of your every move—usually checking to see if you’re about to grab the keys and leash. Or just watching you with adoration!


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