The Border Collie hails from the borderlands of England and Scotland (hence the name!). These agile, intelligent, and tireless canines were bred to herd sheep. As a result, Border Collies evolved into perfectly tuned working dogs with a strong affection for their owners and an insatiable appetite for running, hustling, and frolicking.

Ranging from 30 to 45 pounds, Border Collies can wear any of seventeen colors and seven different markings. They’re sociable with other dogs and best around older children, as toddlers may tip over if a Border Collie gets in a “herding” mood.

For Border Collie owners, these pets provide endless entertainment and wonder. Talk to a Border Collie person, and they’ll tell you:

1. Border Collies Are Workaholics

Border Collies are goal-oriented, driven, and feel most satisfied when they have a task to accomplish.

Given they were bred to guard and move herds of sheep, Border Collie DNA is now coded with a hardcore drive to get things done. Of course, this means owners need something to keep a Border Collie occupied. You know, like a twenty-four step obstacle course.

2. And They Play Hard, Too

Border Collies seem to possess an endless and self-sustaining energy source.

If scientists uncovered a swirling purple core inside a Border Collie, the world would suddenly make complete sense. After hours of chasing, running, splashing, and romping—when any other dog ought to fall down and pass out—a Border Collie can still run a few circles around you.

3. You Can’t Put Anything Past a Border Collie

Flickr / @Kathy Mazzola

Herding dogs, by nature, are highly observant. When they’re not keeping the herd in line, they’re watching over the family and keeping an eye on the horizon, looking for intruders or predators. So, if you feel like you’ve got a set of eyes stalking you, that’s just your ever-watchful Border Collie, keeping track of virtually everything.

4. Collies Say: Me, Me, Me, Me, Me!

When they’re not working or playing—or even when they are—Border Collies crave your attention, affection, and pats on the back for their hard work and stellar performance.

They know how to work for praise, and will show off in the Cute Department to gather up oohs and aahs from the crowd.

5. Border Collies Are Smart Enough to Cure Cancer

Having trouble with your homework? Ask a Border Collie! These dogs are supernaturally smart. (If only they spoke our human language…)

Their keen observation skills and ability to recognize patterns and expectations, plus their eagerness to please, make them one of the most intelligent breeds out there.

6. They’re the Canine Equivalent of a 4×4

Border Collies aren’t designed for apartment living, and would absolutely choose a rugged, wild landscape for a backyard over anything else.

Short of climbing trees, the Border Collie will take to any wild terrain like a fish in water. The more the merrier when it comes to adventure and exploration!

7. ESPN’s Dog of the Century

Okay, ESPN hasn’t made it official yet, but if you harbor dreams of parenting an all-star athlete, a Border Collie is your safest bet.

With their medium build, incredible strength, and uncanny intelligence, Border Collies are highly trainable and exceptionally agile. In any canine agility competition, you’re guaranteed to find more than a few Border Collies wowing the crowd.

This level of skill requires dedicated work on the owner’s part. It takes time, training, and consistency to nurture an athlete of this caliber. But the results are truly astonishing!

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