7 Dog Training “Brain Games” Calming Down OVER-Excited Dogs

Dog Training Brain Games

Do you have a dog who goes BALLISTIC when he sees certain things in his life?

Does he get WAAAAY to Excited around other dogs, animals or new people who come over?

If so then you’ll be happy to know that there are actually 7 proven Brain Training games that can help your dog learn to control their OVER-REACTIVE impulses…

Why 7?

Because a dog’s brain is usually most IMPULSIVE around these 7 different types of scenarios:

  1. Being TOO excited to see YOU
  2. Being TOO Excited to see other DOGS (or animals in general)
  3. Being TOO excited to eat
  4. Being TOO excited to play
  5. Being TOO excited to chase
  6. Being TOO excited to meet GUESTS
  7. Being TOO excited when “Let Loose”

So in this first article in our Impulse Control series, we’re going to show you the FIRST clever little game your dog needs to learn if he’s ever going to learn how to contain his excitement around those things in his world that get him WAY too excited.

I’m talking about…

Training Your Dog How To Disengage, Look-A-Way & Ignore Things That Set Him Off

Here’s why this skill is SO important…

I don’t know exactly why, but for some reason when a dog, who has not yet learned Impulse Control, locks onto a TARGET… he goes deaf to all your commands… making it impossible to get through to him so he can start behaving again.

  • These types of dogs DON’T stop barking when told to be quiet
  • They don’t take it easy when they’re owners say “It’s OK”
  • They ignore their owners pleas of OFF or DOWN when they jump up

… and I could go on and on.

Which means the FIRST skill you need to teach your dog, before you ever try to teach him to be quiet, quiet lunging at other dogs who get to close while out on a walk, or to stop jumping up on you when you come home, is how to NEVER lock on in the first place.

And to teach your dog this skill I introduce to you…

Training Dogs How To STOP Locking Onto Targets That Make Them Go Deaf To Your Commands

Here’s a little video that shows you the first steps for how to train your dog this game:

[Download Phase II Of This Exercise Here]

Or if you’re not the kind of person who likes the ‘Cliff-notes’ version of videos, here’s a little guide we created for setting up this exercise, along with the 3 step process for how to teach your dog the first phase of this game.




Do not make the mistake of thinking that just because this exercise looks simple to train, that it won’t DRAMATICALLY change your dog’s behavior.

In fact, Debbie, the gal in the video above is a professional Dog Walker by trade who uses this game as the foundation for how she takes her clients completely untrained, reactive dogs, and gets them to walk in packs of up to 10 dogs at a time so well… that they can walk right by other dogs without ANY of the dogs hardly giving the strangers dog a second glance… and all without eventually needing to use treats or a clicker.

Sound To Good To Be True?

Its not, and here’s a video she sent me that proves it!

Pretty cool right?

I sure thought so.

Which is why we’ve decided to publish this Impulse Control Article Series, as well as start to release our FREE guides on how to teach your dog these Impulse Control games.

So if you haven’t done so already, click here to download your copy of “The Look-A-Way” game, so you can start transforming your dog’s ability to control his Impulses today.

Or if you’re the kind of person who just likes to cut to the chase, you should check out the course we offer below…


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