Whether you call them cattle dogs, blue heelers, red heelers, or Queensland heelers, these smart little dogs are well-known for their beautiful coats, high energy, and high intelligence.

The people who are attracted to these brilliant puppers share many of their finest qualities— independent, adventuresome, and up for interesting challenges.

1. Cattle dog lovers are always up for adventure

Bred to work sunrise to sunset in a hot Australian climate, the cattle dog is a perfect hiking or running companion for a fit and busy family.

2. Heeler fans are smart cookies

Heelers are the 10th smartest dog breed, according to Stanley Coren’s ranking. Their owners know it’s true!

3. Heeler people are independent thinkers

Bred to work, often at a distance, cattle dogs can solve problems on their own, which can be a positive or a negative, depending on what they’re trying to accomplish!

The same goes for their humans.

4. Cattle dog folks love their family

Heelers are dedicated to their family but can be protective around strangers.

5. They like to keep busy

The saying “A tired dog is a happy dog” could have been written about cattle dogs—and their people.

6. Cattle dog lovers are experienced dog people

Heelers are high energy and intelligent dogs that blossom with a job of some kind. This breed is perfect for experienced owners but may be a little too much for a first-time family.

Featured image: Oatbreath

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