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The Case of the Zombie Deer-Pocalypse

In 1986, cows around England started exhibiting symptoms of a mysterious illness, aka Mad Cow Disease, which would grow into an epidemic affecting British agriculture, exports and tourism for years to come. Decades later, and on this side of the pond, scientists worry that a...
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Companion Animal Psychology Book Club February 2018

“…Bradshaw explains how an affinity for animals drove human evolution and how now, without animals around us, we risk losing an essential part of ourselves.” The Companion Animal Psychology Book Club choice for February 2018 is The Animals Among Us: How Pets Make Us Human...
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Rare Video Catches Wild Rat Taking A Shower

Splish, splash a rat is taking a bath?A wild rat has been caught on video showering in a sink. The rat soaps up and washes like a human would in a shower. Not a spot is overlooked.He starts by washing his armpits and face. He...
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