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Pet Peeve

Dear Pet Customer,     I have a little pet peeve I need  to get off of my chest today.      When I called yesterday with your appointment reminder for the following day, you asked if I could have your dogs grooming finished by noon because you...
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Another Expo…

… has come and gone. Groom Expo in Hershey has come and gone again. Jess and I had a great time this year. We were very busy at Groom Expo this year. We arrived Thursday night and got settled into our hotel room. I was...
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Dog On Diet Denied Cookie Throws Epic Tantrum

We have all been there…on a diet and all you want is a cookie. No matter how much you imagine the apple tasting like a cookie, it simply doesn’t work.Mya, a 12-year-old Australian Shepherd, knows the feeling all too well. She is on a diet...
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Officers Gift K9 With A Beautiful Goodbye As He Enters Retirement

Bronx, a nine-year-old Belgian Malinois, has served with the Bakersfield, California police department for eight years, and now, it’s time to retire.

Bronx was trained as a detection dog, and has been with the Bakersfield Police Department since 2010. As one of the longest-serving dogs with the department, Bronx has worked in several units, including Bakersfield’s patrol division and SWAT team. He has also met tour groups at the police department and gone to schools to help educate children about their local police. A workaholic, even his off-days were used to train and hone his skills.

After all of Bronx’s contributions to the Bakersfield Police Department and his long tenure, his former colleagues lined up to give him a warm sendoff and show their appreciation for him.

It’s nice to see his human co-workers take the time to give him a proper farewell and recognize everything he has done for their team as he walks out of the department for the final time. His partner of eight years, Senior Officer Chris Dalton, is opening his home to Bronx, where he will get to live the life of a normal dog with his new family. It’s a well-earned retirement for a hardworking dog!

H/T: bakersfield.com

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Ears and Ear Set of Dog Breeds

Dog Ear Terminology – A rich glossary of dog ear shapes and sets Ears and eyes and their shapes and settings happen to be the most important component or factors for dogs’ expression. It is easy to visualize a dog’s look and expression when you...
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Abstract Competition Groom Expo 2015

The Abstract Competition was once again held Saturday night at the Best in Show Dinner. We all gathered in the hallway outside of the Ballroom waiting to be lined up to go in. I took that opportunity to go around and try to get a...
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Rescue Round-Up Hershey 2015

Here are some pictures from the Winners Circle Rescue Round-up at Groom Expo Hershey this year. There were 16 rescue dogs being groomed in this competition.  I drew a Westie this time. She was so sweet. And, so lazy!  lol I had to hold her...
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Creative Grooming Hershey 2015

** NOTE: To anyone who lands on this blog entry that does not agree with creative grooming, I suggest that you move on and not even bother looking at this post. This creative competition is a one day competition that lasts for a few hours....
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