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Well, at least I think these small silly tools could be helpful some days.
My kids…..
Well they took one look at what I bought today and told me I was officially crazy, nuts, insane, and have finally lost it.
True, all true, but that’s okay.
I know that I am not normal. 
That is what the dogs love about me. lol
Anyway, I had to make a run to the bank today and Harbor Freight was right across the way.
I decided to go in because we needed to replace a couple of the earphones we use while drying the dogs.
And because I was by myself.
You see, my family hates to go to home improvement stores and tools stores with me. 
They say that I spend too long in them.
We never just run in, pick up what we need and walk out.
I love walking around home improvement stores.
Hence, just one of the reasons my kids think I am nuts.
So, I walked up and down every isle of that tool store.
That is how I came across these two things.

 That’s right, I heard you…..all of you.
That is the same thing that my kids said to me when I got back to the shop and they saw these two items.
 “What are they for?” to be exact.
I am sure you are also wondering; ‘how is she going to use these two tools to groom, and for that matter, what are they?’
This is a Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool.
I guarantee you that I will be using this tool just about everyday.
Yes, I said just about everyday.
Because I am guaranteed to drop my comb everyday, and sometimes a blade or two. 
My daughter took one look at this tool and said; “Mom, just how lazy can you be?”
Let me just say that I did not get this tool to be lazy. 
I got it because my back hurts everyday.
So do my knees, and I have tendinitis in my ankle.
I sit to groom about half of my dogs to give my ankle a break.
When I saw this tool, the thought of not having to bend over to pick up a blade or my comb was enticing.
But, there was one other reason I thought that this tool would come in very handy, and it was the main reason I bought it….
Now I know other groomers can relate to this.
How many times have you dropped your comb, or had it kicked out of your hand, and it falls to the floor into a pile of dog hair…and disappears!!
You spend precious grooming minutes searching through the hair, and sometimes still can’t find the darn thing.
Wouldn’t you just love to have a magnetic tool that would root through all that hair and grab that comb?
Or, you have a dog on the table that you can not, must not step away from, but your comb landed a couple of feet from your table.
Wouldn’t this expandable tool come in real handy?
It expands to about 36 inches.
Picks that comb right up!
So, what if the comb is under a pile of hair?
Will it find the comb and still pick it up?
How about a blade?
How about a blade under a pile of hair?
Yes, even with all the hair.
See, there it is.
Yes, I am excited.
Do I sound excited?
The silly thing only cost me $4.50
 Now you are just dying to know why I bought this and and what am I going to do with it, right?
You are still there aren’t you?
I mean you have to at least be a little curious, right?
Well, if you have stuck with me through this entire post, thanks. lol
Anyway, I haven’t tried it yet, but I plan on using this light to sit on my table when I am scissoring hard to see areas under the dog.
This old girls eyes are not what they used to be.
 I can stand it up and aim it at legs, or I can lay it down and aim it up at a belly to see better when clipping.
I will see, not sure if it will help or not.
I’ll test it out the next few days and will come back and update this post.
Doesn’t hurt to try, the silly light only cost $3.
So there is my silly tip for the day.
Maybe these tools can help another groomer. 🙂

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