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…of Groom Expos Creative Grooming Competition 2015

** NOTE: To anyone who lands on this blog entry that does not agree with creative grooming, I suggest that you move on and not even bother looking at this post. This creative competition is a one day competition that lasts for a few hours. The dogs are given a break during the grooming so that they do not have to stand on a grooming table for the entire time. The rules are strict and the colors used are pet safe. These dogs are very much loved by their owners (the groomers). They live like any other well loved dog. They run, they play, and they sleep most of the day away. AND they do not care if their hair is a different color. They DO love the attention they get from being colored.

 Here are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.
 Groomer: Christine Trovato
Theme: Who Let The Dogs Out
This groomer made her Standard Poodle into an Airedale. 

1st Side



Groomer: Cat Opson
Theme: Scooby-Doo

1st Side


Groomer: Angela Kumpe
Theme: The Mermaid

 Then she turned her dog around for the first time for everyone to see.
A Mermaid laying across the top of the dog with her hair flowing down the dogs back leg and the tail over the dogs head. 
I wish that I could have gotten a picture from above the dog.
There you have it!
Another year of Creative come and gone.
What a  great job everyone did.

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