Horses Turned Out In Snowy Weather Quickly Change Their Minds

Horses are built to withstand the cold temperatures and snow, but that doesn’t mean they have to like it.Jodie of New Jersey let her horses out for some fresh air and exercise in the snow. Once the barn doors were opened, the horses walked out and evaluated the weather. Then at the same moment, only 7 seconds in the snow, both horses bolted for the barn. Even with blankets on, the horses decided they had enough snow for the day.Jodie dubbed the horses “synchronized snow sissies,” such a fitting title. These smart horses have the world laughing out loud. They are a huge hit with over 1 million views on YouTube.The comments left on social media are almost as entertaining as the video. People are saying what they think the horses are thinking. Others are complementing the horses’ intelligence.The video is an accurate depiction of how we all feel about the recent cold, snowy weather.[embedded content]

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