In one San Francisco hotel, the room service really caters to dog lovers. Hotel Nikko employs a handsome little gentleman named Buster Posey to be their “Chief Canine Officer.”

When Twitter user Evan took a trip to San Francisco, he was psyched to discover the stuffed animal Buster in his room, and tweeted about Hotel Nikko’s star canine employee.

Buster Posey goes viral

The post inspired longing in dog lovers around the world. And who could blame them? Meeting this cute little guy would definitely be the icing on the cake of a romantic getaway in SF.

Meet Buster

“From the moment I was born, I knew I was destined for a career in hospitality, as my whole heart wants to help everyone around me. Thankfully, the lovely folks at Hotel Nikko adopted me into their family and now I get to spend time with guests doing what I love – making people smile!”

You can follow Buster on  Twitter  and Instagram for lots more cute pupdates.


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Ever since the photo-sharing app Instagram first appeared on computer monitors and cellphone screens in 2010, users have been sharing cherished images of their pets.

As the site’s popularity grew, Instagram celebrities began to emerge – including several of the furry variety. The 10 critters in this post achieved internet fame to become 2017’s top non-human personalities. Each has followers in the millions!

Loki and his adventure-loving dad, Kelly Lund, have been “breaking hearts” on Instagram since 2012. Together they traverse the western USA, seeking new thrills and snapping photos with the goal of “inspiring others to get outside with their pups.”

Loki is described as a Husky/Arctic Wolf/Malamute mix. In addition to their massive Instagram following, the pair also operate a website selling collars, leashes and harnesses as well as prints of some of their most loved images.

9. Lil Bub @iamlilbub, 1.7 million followers

The now-famous kitty with the buggy eyes began her life in a chilly shed belonging to a friend of her owner, Mike Bridavsky. The runt of her litter, she was diagnosed with dwarfism, a shortened lower jaw, teeth that never grew in, and four extra toes.

None of these setbacks have stopped Lil’ Bub from becoming one of Instagram’s most famous faces! She has more than 3 million followers across social media and her own online store where a portion of the proceeds benefit the ASPCA. Bub’s mission is to spread awareness about adoption, special needs pets, and proper animal care.

This 7-year-old rescue Chiweenie describes himself as “the underdog with the overbite” – and what an overbite it is! Tuna became famous by accident when Instagram shared one of his adorable photos on their homepage in 2012. Now that he is a nationally recognized personality, Tuna is using his fame to advocate for rescue groups and remind the world that “true beauty comes in all forms and radiates from within.”

7. Juniper @juniperfoxx, 2 million followers

The only non-traditional pet on our list, Juniper’s mom Jessika got her when she was just 5 weeks old. She says the snaggle-toothed fox comes from a line of animals bred for their tameness by fur traders. Despite her relatively calm behavior, Juniper is still a sassy, nippy, often-smelly wild creature! Jessika runs a website educating others about domesticated foxes and also sells cute Juniper gear in her “fox shop“.

6. Marnie @marniethedog, 2.1 million followers

The famous Marnie was already a 10-year-old senior when she was found matted and filthy on the streets of Connecticut in August 2012. Her signature head tilt, abnormally long tongue, and story of rescue and redemption have won the hearts of millions. She has even been photographed with celebrities like Bob Saget, Jack Black, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jonah Hill! Marnie’s website reads:

“Senior rescue dogs are known for being especially grateful and loyal to their new owners for giving them a second chance on life, and Marnie lives every day exemplifying this joy and gratitude.”

5. Grumpy Cat @realgrumpycat, 2.4 million followers

Grumpy Cat, the master of memes, isn’t really grumpy at all! According to her website, Tardar Sauce (her real name) is “a super cute and cuddly kitty and loves to be held and rubbed.” Her fame began in 2012 when a photo of her famously frowny face appeared on Reddit. Her parents shared videos of her via YouTube to prove she was real and the rest is history!

A portion of the proceeds from her massive line of products are donated directly to shelters to help pets in need.

4. Maru @marutaro, 2.6 million followers

Maru the Shiba Inu always appears to be smiling and his name means “round” in Japanese – how cute is that? These endearing qualities, along with his cuddly, playful nature, have led him to be known as “the world’s dog“. Maru lives in Japan with his owner, Shinjiro Ono.

 3. Doug the Pug @itsdougthepug, 3.1 million followers

Doug the Pug‘s superstar status was recently confirmed when he was photographed as Eleven along with the boys from Stranger Things. Need further proof of his major celebrity ranking? Check out his 2017 Year in Review video!

2. Nala @nala_cat, 3.5 million followers

Nala was rescued from a hoarding situation and adopted by her mom, Varisiri Mathachittiphan, in 2010. She was one of the first cats on Instagram and is now considered the site’s most famous cat. Nala uses her notoriety to spread the word about the unfortunate plight of shelter pets. Her website reads:

“The truth is that kittens and puppies alike are helpless and rely on their human companions to care for them. In shelters, 75% of them are killed due to over population, so it is really important to spay or neuter your pets. Another disturbing truth is that there are people who want them only in the beginning and don’t take care of them later on. If you want to adopt a kitten or puppy just because it’s cute, don’t, but if you plan on taking care of them and giving them a happy home for the rest of their lives, then please do.”

1. Jiff @jiffpom, 7.4 million followers

Instagram’s top dog looks more like a teddy bear! The meticulously groomed Pomeranian is the most famous animal in the world with over 24 million followers across all of his social media pages. Jiff even set the Guinness World Record for most Instagram followers by an animal in 2017.

H/T to People

Featured Images via Instagram/@marniethedog & @iamlilbub

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Want some new-year inspiration for weight loss?
Check out handsome Shiloh!
We’ve featured his story here before but thought his tale could use retelling for those of you looking to get healthier in 2018!

Great video from The Dodo!

If your mastiff puppy or dog is barking excessively, it could be from many different things. He or she could be getting caught on, or under a fence. He or she could be barking at other dogs in the neighborhood, or they could be lonely and feel depressed.

Dogs bark for many many reasons really. It would be impractically to think that your puppy or dog would never bark again, because some barking is actually good for a dog, and you!

Dogs bark to alert their owners or danger, or a suspicious person lurking around. But a dog that just barks and barks, and you don’t seem to know why, not only bothers you, but it usually always disturbs the neighbors as well.

One of the first things you need to find out is why your dog is barking in the first place. Does he or she see a squirrel or cat in a tree everyday, and bark at that? Or does your puppy or dog not get enough exercise, and is left alone outside for long periods of time, and they are barking from boredom. After you find out why they are barking, it is much easier to correct the problem then.

Puppies will naturally bark if they are playing and running around, it is in their nature to playful bark that is normal. If you can not notice what your dog is barking at, sometimes they can see or smell things that you can not, so you might need to take a closer look again. You should also make sure you have your mastiff puppy or dog checked out by a vet, to make sure he or she is fine, before you try to correct the problem.

It is good to have a nice place for your dog to sleep, like a dog house, a dog bed, and a nice place to make their own. You would not like it, if you had to sleep outside, and no one gave you a house or bed to sleep in, so be good to your dog.

Here are some ways to help curb your dogs barking. If your dog is barking, and you open the door to let him or her in, you are just reinforcing them to bark, each time they want to come inside. When they bark, they know you will come to the door and let them in, and the barking is working for them.

If you go to the door and stand there and scream at them like a raving lunatic, they will think you are joining them in the celebration, and they will want to bark even more! You are barking to them, so they want to bark also, and join in!

If you mastiff puppy or dog it barking, and you come and baby him, and give him or her treats, that is no good. They will take that as a sign that barking is what they need to do, to get more attention from you, so you should never reward this type of barking.

There are several ways to teach your dog that barking is not rewarded. If you are gone all day, and you are aware that your dog barks excessively while you are gone, he or she most likely thinks that if they keep barking, you will show up. Eventually when you show up, you immediately go to the dog, and the barking might stop then. In your dogs mind, he or she has been barking to bring you home, and it worked, you are home finally.

To cure this type of barking, when you get home, do not immediately go to your dog. Let the dog know that you are not rewarding him for barking. Do not go to the dog until after he or she has settled down, and then you can go to him or her, after the barking has stopped and does not start again for a bit.

If our dog barks when the phone rings, or your cell phone goes off, teach them to ignore it. You could do this by having a friend or family member, call your phone repeatedly, and you just sit their and don’t answer it. With repetition, your dog will bark less and less, and then get bored with the phone all together.

One of the easiest things to remember when training your dog, is to praise or reward your dog when he or she does something you like, and give a negative response to something you do not like. Over time, your dog through repetition will learn what is acceptable, and what is not acceptable. He or she will be a much better member of the family, and good for them also!

There are several ways you could train your dog not to bark when you leave your home. You would need something loud, like a can of rocks, or marbles inside the can, or a garden hose, and you would use these for the negative suggestions. You would leave your home, and then you quietly come back, and just hide outside somewhere in front.

When you hear your dog barking, use the hose to just put the nozzle over the fence, and squirt him or her, or throw the can of rocks or marbles in their general direction, careful not to actually hit them. The loud noise will scare them, and they will associate the barking with getting wet, or having loud noises come at them, they will eventually tire of the barking.

You could also use a treat and the command Quiet or Stop. When your dog is barking, you give the command Quiet and when he or she stops barking, you give them a treat and praise, and eventually you would just give them praise.

With just about any dog, it will never happen over night. It takes consistence and patience. Your dog will make great progress, and then fall back sometimes, that is only natural. They will move forward again, with patience and good dog training, you can make your dog an excellent family member.

Sometimes a dog likes to bark at a mail delivery person, or delivery person that comes around. In your dog’s eyes, this person is coming into their territory and is an intruder, an unwelcome guest, and your dog barks continuously at this person. The person usually does leave in a short period of time, and the dog thinks that his barking has made the intruder go away, and he or she has done a good job!

If you wanted to cure this type of barking, and you were friends with your mail person or delivery person, you could tell them your training method, and give them a bag of snacks to carry with them. Each time they would come to your house, they could give the dog a snack over the fence, and the dog would come to think of this person as a welcome guest, instead of an intruder, and the barking would settle down after a bit.

The best way to train any dog is for you and your puppy or dog to enroll in obedience classes together. You will have a much better understanding of just basic dog techniques, and you would bond with your dog even more!

Source by Vince Stead

A family in Michigan came home Christmas evening to find their door open and a surprise guest lounging on their couch. They’re not exactly sure how it happened, but the home invader wasn’t the kind worth calling the cops over. It was River, a runaway dog looking for somewhere to get warm.

A week ago, River disappeared from his new family’s home. Jean Strobel, River’s owner, did everything she could to bring her pup back. She organized her entire community to be on the lookout for the wayward hound, and she contacted the local animal recovery program, Lost Paws. Search parties scoured the nearby areas, and missing dog fliers were posted on every message board and light pole.

Pupdate 12/25 RIVER IS HOME, safe and sound! ❤️🐶 Turns out, he nudged the door of someone’s house open and went in and…

Posted by Lost Paws, LLC on Thursday, December 21, 2017

River was missing for seven days, but it wasn’t a search party that finally brought the dog back home. After braving the winter weather and scrounging for food, it seemed River was tired of being lost. Instead of waiting to be found, he took matters into his own paws.

When the Sluit family saw the furry bundle on their couch, “raccoon” was their first thought. River had the fur and four legs, but it only took a second for the family to realize the serendipity surrounding the holiday home invasion. They recognized River from the pictures posted in the neighborhood and knew the dog belonged to a good home.

They called Lost Paws and quickly arranged for a Christmas reunion. Despite earlier reports of River being spotted several miles away, he ended up breaking into a house down the road from his own. The Sluit family still isn’t sure how River managed to open the door and get inside, but they’re happy they could help a frantic family and a lost dog find their way back to each other.

River is now safe at home and working on gaining back the weight he lost. He needs rest and some nourishing food, but he’s comfortably recovering from his ordeal. Strobel isn’t letting the wandering pooch out of her sight and is thankful to be able to welcome the new year with her newly adopted dog safe at her side.

Featured image screenshot via Fox17

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Rhodesian Ridgebacks are known not only for the distinct fan-like ridge along their backs. This breed originally known as the African Lion Hound also makes excellent companions and guard dogs. Part of Rhodesian Ridgeback training is correcting unwanted behavior such as biting. Biting may be a typical guard dog’s natural instinct, but with guidance you can prevent yourself from having big problems (and destroyed furniture) in the long run.

Anyone with a dog in their home will understand how canines like to nip, chew and bite — ridgebacks are no exception. While the ridgeback is not necessarily a dangerous dog, they can be a bit aloof towards strangers and can also be a bit stubborn without the proper dog training.

When should I teach my dog? Training a Rhodesian Ridgeback when they are young is most ideal. Ridgeback pups are still eager to learn and enjoy socializing with others. Younger dogs have a greater tendency to “bite” when they’re teething. It goes away when they age, but you would also still have to be patient when your older dog starts to bite or show improper behavior. What can you do to prevent them from biting?

1. Use toys. You may find yourself picking up destroyed objects from your house with their chewing. To keep this from happening, make sure you give them enough chew toys to play with. This keeps them happy and entertained, thus lessens the need to be destructive.

2. Socialize them. Rhodesian Ridgebacks also have a strong pack instinct, so regular play with family members and other pets is recommended. Socializing your ridgeback goes beyond getting them familiarized with traffic or noises. Letting them play with other dogs allows them to understand that it is not acceptable to bite at will.

3. Do not punish. Excessive punishment, kicking or slapping a Rhodesian Ridgeback will not do you any good. There is rarely any difficulty with training this breed since they are very intelligent and loyal to their master. Ignoring them if they did something wrong would already be a good indicator of punishment. Unlike other sporting dogs, the Ridgeback may not put up with aggression by the owner — it responds more to positive reinforcement and rewards.

4. Show them who’s boss. Although the Ridgeback may be a great family dog, part of their temperament would be it having less of a servitude nature compared to other dogs. Rhodesian Ridgebacks have a greater tendency of treating you as their equal rather than their master if you’re not conscious.

5. Be consistent. Once you start dog training, you must make sure that everyone in the house provides consistent commands. All the members of the family should have the exact same orders as well as hand signals so as not to confuse them.

6. Be preventive. Do not wait for the threat of your ridgeback to bite before you begin dog training them. A lot of dog owners nowadays just go through the motions, and wait for someone to get bitten before they start researching and preparing. Do not let this happen to you. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are loyal, loving and great family dogs, it’s all just a matter of putting their protective instincts into good use and stop them from biting!

Source by Lea Mullins