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Top 10 Trendy Dog Names We’re Loving Right Now

Trendy dog names are fun, especially for fans of pop culture. As the name implies, they’re usually influenced by the latest trends in everything from movies and television shows to the hottest sports stars of the day. For those of us who get super invested...
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Dog Photo Challenge ~ Howl-o-ween

It’s Halloween!  Or as we like to call it…… ‘Howl-o-Ween’. Halloween costumes, even the scary ones, are such fun. And on dogs they are extra adorable, if you ask us! This time of year, we LOVE seeing all the fabulous photos of dogs dressed for Howl-o-Ween. So,...
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My Dog Has Red, Itchy Skin & Bumps — What is the problem?

by Cate Burnette, RVT There are numerous reasons why your pooch has red, itchy skin. Allergies, parasites, and various microbes can be the source of the discomfort resulting in inflammation and hair loss. We’ve given you a very general overview of some of the causes...
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