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Deadbeat Doggie Dad Being Sued for $32,000 in Back “Pet Support”

August 29, 2017 petsupplies 0

Lola is one posh Manhattan pooch! ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— You read that headline right, folks! A marketing director in New York City is suing her ex-husband for […]

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When Your Dog Tries to ‘Help’ You Work Out and All You Can Do Is Laugh

August 29, 2017 petsupplies 0

Most times, you’d think having a dog would help you get more exercise, what with all the walks and playtime. These dogs are actively working against working out, however! Watch and laugh as they do their best to interrupt yoga, aerobics, and beyond.

These dogs may not help you get to your step goal, but they’ll definitely get you smiling.

Wait for it


An attempt was made

This golden gets a participation ribbon at least

Adding a balance check

No time for yoga!

This guy’s just showing off

Dog does yoga with his human

Focus test

Yoga dog

Breakdance battle

Let’s see who is performing it better, My dog or the Jealous Neighbor?

Featured images: mlb1andonly_yogi and YogaGrammy

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