10 Things Only Yorkie Moms Will Understand

From ‘tudes to tails, there are just some things that only Yorkie moms can really understand! Yorkies are popular amongst celebrities and us normal folk. The love of these dogs seems to never stop growing! With more than 840,000 #yorkielove hashtags on Instagram, it’s obvious that people adore Yorkies.

Think that this breed can be a bit too yappy? Not a fan of smaller dogs? While Yorkies may not be the ideal dog for everyone, for Yorkie moms, they are the most perfect four-legged creatures on Earth. Being a Yorkie mom is more than just being a pet owner. Owning a Yorkie is truly a way of life!

Here are 10 things that only Yorkie moms will understand.

1. The importance of grooming.

Most dog owners get their dog groomed every so often. But, as a Yorkie owner, you know the importance of your pup looking as good as possible. Only a Yorkie mom truly obsesses over trips to the groomer.

2. The need to accessorize.

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to put a bow on their super cute pup? Yorkies and accessories are just meant for each other. Deal with it!

3. The fact that it’s okay to put your pup in your purse.

What’s cuter than a Yorkie inside of a stylish purse? Nothing, in our worlds. Yorkies are the perfect size for toting around.

4. The ‘tude

Yorkies are no exception to the small dog attitude. As a Yorkie mom, you know this attitude all too well. Yorkies can be high-maintenance, but you don’t mind. The cuteness outweighs everything else!

5. The ponytails

Yorkies look even more adorable with a little ponytail on top of their heads. It accentuates those big eyes that will get them anything they want!

6. The Yorkie smile

You don’t know how amazing a dog’s smile is until you’ve seen a Yorkie smile. Those little chiclets and the perked up ears take happiness to a whole new level.

7. Their style

Yorkies are fashionistas. They have the perfect face and structure to wear anything. Yorkie moms just love dressing up their furballs.

8. The always in sight tongue

Suns out guns out? More like suns out tongues out. Yorkies have some sort of fascination with keeping their tongues out of their mouths. Either way, it’s super cute.

9. They are ridiculously photogenic

Yorkies don’t need filters or slow-mo videos. They are so photogentic it’s crazy! If they had thumbs, we imagine Yorkies would be the selfie kings and queens.

10. The over-the-top cuteness

Flat out, Yorkies are just the most adorable breed, ever. Their faces are so sweet and they have the best personalities. Yorkie moms may be a bit biased but, let’s face it, Yorkies are just dolls!

Are you a proud Yorkie parent? What’s your favorite “thing” on our list?

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