10 Impressive Dog Tricks That’ll Leave You Amazed

We’ve seen dogs do some pretty awesome things, but these 10 impressive dog tricks left us totally amazed! All dogs should know basic commands. Sit, stay, and leave it are the most common commands that all every puppy really needs to learn. While some dog owners stick to the basics, others go above and beyond to teach their dogs some awesome tricks. If you thought fetch and roll over were advanced, wait until you see these dog tricks. They are sure to blow your mind!

10 Most Impressive Dog Tricks

1. The most dramatic play dead you’ve ever seen! The Academy Award goes to…

2. And another cute “shot you dead” trick. Who doesn’t love corgis?!

3. This pup will give hugs for treats! Love this trick? Check out how to teach your own dog to give a hug!

4. This pup is an acrobat in training! I bet he’d rock the agility course!

5. Most dogs only perform this trick when they want your food!

6. This dog is so patient! Even we can’t wait with food so close.

7. Practice makes perfect.

8. Check out those twirls!

9. This dog cleans up his home better than we do.

10. We love this trick!

Teaching your dog advanced tricks like these definitely requires a lot of patience! Just remember, you can’t get to the advanced stuff without teaching them the basics first. Think of it this way: you can’t do advanced calculus without at least know addition and subtraction! Once they have those down, then the fun can really begin!

Did you teach your pooch any cool dog tricks? Share below! We’d love to hear about them!

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