11 Dog Beds So Cozy, We’d Sleep In Them Too!

Okay, let’s get real: the INSTANT the mercury drops below 68 I am in full-on cozy mode. I’m talking sweaters, wearing a blanket around the house, and don’t even get me started on soup. I live for hygge. But what about dogge? Check out these dog beds that are so cozy you’ll tell Rover to scooch over.

1. Let’s start with this economical option. Classic lines and oh-so-cozy!

From HeftyJo: “I put it down under my computer desk on a spot where one of my dogs always camps out when I’m at the desk. The next day I walked into the room and he went straight over and plopped right down onto the bed and started to snooze. Nice little bed!”

2. Washable cover and a variety of colors and prints make this one easy to work into your decor.

I love the structure of this bed, and some of the prints are straight-up Martha Stewart. Plus, it comes with a THROW PILLOW. For your DOG.

Lin says: “This is the very best pet bed I have ever purchased including purchases from well-known companies. It is EXTREMELY well made, take it from one who sews. It is well designed and easy to wash. The zippered compartments allow for easy removal and replacement of filling. I ordered two and would order again in an instant but I anticipate these will last a very long time.”

If you grew up with Strawberry Shortcake as a foundational aesthetic influence, this one is right up your alley.

4. Simple shape and a firm cushion make this bed ideal for older dogs.

From AKH2001: “Our 8 year-old mixed breed (Lab, Jack Russell, German Shepherd) has been having some issues with her back leg/paw: limping, favoring it, slowing down. I wanted to make sure she was as comfortable as possible especially at night so we went looking for a nice, cushy bed. It conforms to her body and because it’s memory foam it warms up and radiates her own body heat back to her.”

5. This is the fanciest dog bed I have ever seen.


Says StevenG: “The quality is the best I’ve seen in this price range and the customer service was equally impressive.” Sounds good!

Easy to wash, and freaking adorable. This bed is so much fun.

7. For pups that love to burrow in the covers, this snuggly bed can’t be beat.

One Amazon customer raved: “My 7 lb chihuahua ADORES this bed. I just bought all new throw pillows and blankets for the living room and kept finding them flat with the corners smashed in when I got home from work. The second I pulled this bed out of the box, he knew it was his. He dove right in and I haven’t seen him sit on a pillow or suckle a blanket since.”

8. I want to spend the entire winter in this dog bed and I don’t care who knows it.

From Brenda: “My dog absolutely loves this bed. He’s a mix chihuahua breed, around 15 pounds and its perfect for him. I’ve noticed that he really enjoys the tall sides because he can rest his head easily on them and the material does a great job of keeping him warm. 10/10. This is a wonderful dog bed.”

9. For dogs that prefer to keep it cool.

Says Kelsey: “My dog is a chewer and this bed has prevented coming home to a pile of bedding insides. I was nervous he wouldn’t like it since it is elevated and doesn’t look that comfortable – but I was wrong! My dog loves this bed more than any bed he’s ever had (and he’s had a lot in his one year of life). He loves laying on the floor, but since finding this bed – you’ll only catch him on this and never the floor. He’s a 55 pound Australian shepherd. I cannot recommend this bed more.”

10. This pet bed is scary-cute and sized for small dogs! Who wouldn’t want to cozy up in the mouth of a shark?

Cat-owner Melissa says: “My cats love it! I like that I will be able to remove the cushion they lay on to wash it. Update: After a few weeks they still love it and practically live in the shark. I purchased a 2nd one from another seller because the price went up on this one. The other one was much smaller so I am returning it and getting another one of these so they don’t have to fight over it. If you’re not sure which one to get, I recommend this exact one.”

11. Here’s a double decker that is as functional as it is gorgeous, and can go indoors or outdoors.

Kindle Customer says: “My senior Chihuahua and young Yorkie love this! Perfect size for them. It’s easy to assemble and lightweight.”


Let’s get cozy!


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